Humingi ng tulong ang OFW na ito dahil may mga di magagandang plano sa kanya ang kanyang amo!

Nobody can deny that choosing the opportunity to become an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) is also a huge risk. Not only that they are far away from their family, the people in another country are also different. Another horrible factor is the observation that some people think so low of Filipinos there that they try to take advantage of their dignity.

This is what Jenny Papacion almost experienced and she wants to leave Riyadh, Saudi Arabia immediately. Her partner Jonathan Berso sought help of public service announcer Raffy Tulfo for this situation.

According to Jonathan, Jenny’s boss in Riyadh was not respecting Jenny and even had unwanted advances towards her, making Jenny uncomfortable.

In a video interview, Jenny said that her former boss also tried to sell her to another person for forced copulation.

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Raffy then asked if Jenny already contacted her agency, which is Sphinx Manpower Corporation, so that actions could be done about this matter. Jenny then said the person from the corporation only said that they will seek action about it soon.

Jonathan said he was on the response as they implied that his partner should experience unwanted advances before they do something.

Upon hearing their complaint, Raffy then called Marissa Cruz, an officer in Overseas Worker Welfare Administration, to have an extended help. Marissa then assured the couple that they will help them in getting Jenny out of the situation and send her back to the Philippines.

Raffy also told Jonathan that OWWA may help him in filing a complaint against the Sphinx Manpower Corporation.

Jenny could still be saved and not be included in the statistics and news articles of OFWs getting some unfortunate advances from their bosses. It is unfortunate though that this kind of situation is still rampant, especially in the Middle East.

Some OFWs had worse experience, with some of them having their lives ended because of the actions of their bosses.

If that is the case, then they should just immediately leave their bosses, right? It sounds real easy but it is more complicated than that. There are some people who lock up their domestic helpers in order for them not to escape. There are some who can just simply leave but they don’t know where to go in the country where they feel like an alien. Moreover, leaving means they can’t have a source of financial income so unfortunately, some endure the pain and unwanted advances if this means that they can still send money to their loved ones.


Do you think Jonathan is going to be successful in getting Jenny back to the Philippines? Do you think OWWA will be able to save her from her situation? Tell us in the comments section below!


Source: Youtube

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