Inspired ang nga netizens pagkatapos nilang mabasa ang kwento ng OFW na ito at kung paano niya napatayo ang kanyang dream house sa loob lang ng dalawang taon!

We Filipinos have great dreams for ourselves and for our family and that is why we always strive to work hard and earn cash. It is unfortunate however that hard work and perseverance are not enough to reach your goals as salary rate stays the same while the commodities have high prices, especially at this time of Filipinos suffering from the six-percent inflation rate.

This is why some Filipinos chose to sacrifice everything, go to other countries, and work there for a bigger salary. They may feel homesick from their friends and family but their dreams make them go one until they can save enough money.

This is what Princess Han Kho shared in her social media about as she revealed that her dream house is currently in works because of her job. Netizens were surprised that Princess was able to build a new house in just two years of being an OFW.

Princess took the opportunity and risk to work in Kuwait back in 2016. She admitted that it is hard for her to leave her husband and their two children. Every time she thinks of that sacrifice, she always reminds herself that she is doing this for her family and for their dream house.

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It is fortunate for Princess that her bosses are good and kind to her, allaying her fears that she will become tragic news to her fellow OFWs and to the nation.

Upon working there, Princess assured that she will get enough money for her family and dream house by adjusting her lifestyle there. She made sure that her goal is getting more attention than her personal wants there. Her husband is also cooperative with her dream as she was managing the money he received from her wife properly by making sure it is properly budgeted and some were saved for the dream house jar.

Princess was conscious that some people are questioning her salary and the way she saves money because it looks pretty impossible for her to reach her goal with her situation. However, Princess said they were just “smart” to know how to spend money on the right things.

And then alas, the dream house is currently in its works and the family of Princess can’t be happier about it. Netizens lauded Princess’ hard work and effort in reaching one of the classic OFW’s dreams. Some netizens said the story of Princess definitely an inspiration to other struggling OFWs in other aprts of the world.

Here are the comments from the netizens:



Source: PilipinoNews

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