Prosecutor, walang awang ginulungan at tinakbuhan ang matandang nasagasaan nito!

Technology advancement can both be a blessing and bad luck in our lives; blessing as it helps simplify our day-to-day activities and making everything possible and easy at our fingertips, but it could also bring bad luck if you are one of those who falls victim to scams that are using technology advancement to take advantage of other people.

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One of the major technological advancement that made a huge impact on our lives is the closed-circuit television (CCTV). Through these spy cameras, we were able to monitor the safety of our homes and establishment; through the help of CCTV cameras, it is also now easy for our law enforcement to caught illegal activities and identify the suspects who responsible for it and uses it as evidence against them.

Just like this viral video posted by Facebook user Steve Armstrong which shows how a CCTV camera caught an inhumane treatment of an old man in the middle of the street.

In the first part of the 4-minute video clip, it shows an old man idly standing in the middle of an empty street. According to Steve, the incident happened at M. Lozada Street corner Dalia Street in Sto Rosario Pateros, near the gate of Sto. Rosario Subdivision.

After a few seconds, a sports utility vehicle could be seen turning right on the said street where the old man is standing. As soon as he noticed the vehicle, he immediately tried to move on the side but maybe due to his old age and aging body, he could not move as fast as expected.

Despite his attempts to move away from the passing vehicle, the SUV surprisingly did not stop and continuously move even if the car already hit the old man.

What’s worse is even if the old man already falls down on his knees, the SUV driver still pushed through as if he did not see any person in front of the vehicle.

The graphic video shows how the vehicle brutally rolled over the old man’s body as if it is just a regular street hump, and the driver did not even have the guts to stop and check the old man, instead, he continue driving as if nothing happened. Wow, just wow!

After a few minutes, a concerned citizen coming from the other side of the street came to check the old man lying unconscious on the floor and alarm the other people in the area.

According to Steve, the sports utility vehicle that ended the life of the victim identified as Raymundo Aviles Mira is probably owned by a Prosecutor since his vehicle plate states so.

The concerned netizen then warned other drivers to be careful on the road especially if there are pedestrians crossing the street.


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