Taong grasang may magarbong sports car, nag-viral sa social media!

Every now and then, our social media news feeds are bombarded with negative news that adds up to our already stressful days when all we want to do is just sit down, relax, and be at peace for a moment. Good thing we can still stumble upon good and laugh-worthy contents that will make us LOL our laugh out loud, literally.

One of the major sources of laughter on social media these days are the video pranks, pranks or practical jokes are made to simply make fun of other people and see their hilarious reactions to certain situations.

Recently, a group of local YouTube content creator named Tukomi is once again making noise on social media after doing such an entertaining prank to some regular citizens they come across the street. This time they took their pranks to the next level by roaming around using luxury sports car, and the twist? They were all dressed up as a poor homeless man complete with tattered clothes and greasy skin or what the Filipinos popularly known as taong grasa.

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For the first prank, one of them drove a blue Camaro sports car in a gasoline station but as soon as he rolled his windows down, he begged some gasoline boy for some money so he can fill his car’s tank.

“Sir palimos sir! Palimos gas! Kahit 2,500 lang pang full tank,” the taong grasa said which confused the gasoline station attendant.

For their second victim, the taong grasa went to a nearby convenient store and try searching for some food in the trash bin. He then approached a couple dining outside and begged for something to eat, they agreed to buy something and asked the taong grasa to wait for a few minutes.

While waiting, the lady tries to have small talk with the taong grasa who said that he came from the United States and got bankrupt due to a failed business. As soon as the man arrived with the food, he gladly accepted it and even hugged the guy to express his gratitude. He then walk out of the scene and hop in the black Mustang parked beside the store.

Even fast food employees was not able to escape from falling victim to this prank as the taong grasa drove his blue Camaro to drive thru and ordered some hamburger, when it is time for him to pay, he handed a can full of coins to the cash registrar and said that those were his earnings for begging money for that day, ridiculous.





Watch how the other prank victims reacted below:


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Source: YouTube

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