Dilawan, sinupalpal ng isang gurong Bisaya dahil sa ginawang pangungutya sa Bisaya accent ng Pangulo!

Popular opposition supporters are now in the hot seat after taking to social media to make fun of President Rodrigo Duterte and his famous Bisaya accent.

During the controversial “showbiz type” one-on-one interview of the President with Chief Legal Adviser Salvador Panelo on Tuesday, investigative journalist Raisa Robles posted something on Twitter which obviously aims to make fun at Duterte’s diction.

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“Duterte just now said that the communists are engaged in ‘armed stragol’,” Robles wrote.

The said Tweet initially drew flak from netizens but what added more fire is the comment of former Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda which states: “You have trabol with my president’s dictionarment?”


The said exchange of humorous criticism did not just drew flak from Duterte’s supporters but also offended some native-Bisaya netizens. One of the many netizens who expressed disgust over the malicious Tweets is Western Mindanao State University Assistant Professor Esmeralso Bustillo Jr.

In the comments section of one article featuring Robles and Lacierda’s exchange of Tweet, Prof Bustillo bravely asked if mocking the President’s accent and diction made feel like superior among other people.

“So, what do you mean Robles and Lacierda, that you are now superior than most of us because your impeccable knowledge of the English language?” Bustillo wrote.

“Okay, so how about the French and the Germans, the Italians and the Russians, or the Spaniards and Portuguese? They are heavily accented too when they speak English, if they know English at all. Does it mean to say that you’ll also make fun of them? Are they now lower than the two of you simply because they cannot pronounce English words as perfectly as the two of you?” he added.

The Bisaya professor said that both opposition supporters are “ill-mannered and rude” for discriminating the people in Visayas and Mindanao simply because they feel speak in a different way.

“You two are ill-mannered, and rude. But that is the common lot of you people out there. You are bigoted, you discriminate us from the provinces – especially us in Visayas and Mindanao – simply because we have a peculiar way of speaking the English language and that only you have all the right to be highly exalted,” he said.


Two days after receiving continuous bashing from netizens, Lacierda once again took to Twitter to apologize to the people who got offended by his Tweet. He explained that President Duterte’s accent only reminded him of his childhood.

“To those who sincerely & genuinely found my poking fun at my own Visayan dialect offensive, I apologize.” Lacierda wrote.

“The president’s accent reminded me of a time when we were growing up in a Boholananon household. There was no intent to insult our dialect but it was culturally insensitive,” he added.

Meanwhile, Robles did not let her guard down and even added to the fire by saying that Duterte is only using the Visayan accent to gain more support to the people of Visayas and Mindanao.

 “He uses Visayan accent to put you guys under his spell. Para utuin kayo,” she said.





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