Grupo ng kabataan na kumuyog sa isang matanda sa jeep, dinampot na ng pulisya!

It is very alarming to see that youth at a very young age are getting involved in illegal activities as if they were not taught of good morals and right conduct at home.

Just when everybody has not yet moved on from the viral video of a group of teenagers attacking a jeepney passenger along Macapagal Avenue, another video of almost the same incident is once again going rounds on social media.

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In the video posted by Facebook user Nathaniel Javier Jamolin, it shows how a group of youngsters about 9 to 15 years of age attacked yet another public utility jeepney and even dragged an old man after trying to steal his belongings.

According to Nathaniel, he witnessed the incident while riding a bus along Pedro Gil in Taft Avenue at around 1 in the afternoon. He initially thought that it was the same group that went viral on social media for taking a passenger’s food, but they are a different group.

“Akala ko, yung mga batang nang aagaw ng pagkain na naman ito. Pero grabe, kawawa naman si tatay. Hindi ko alam kung ano yung inaagaw nila kay tatay. Kung makikita nyo po may hawak na stick yung batang naka green,” Nathaniel wrote.

As soon as the group stormed inside the jeepney, other passengers could be seen hopping off to avoid commotion. But it is disheartening to see when some of them dragged an old man out of the jeepney and attempting to steal the eco bag that he is holding.

The old man even stumbles on the sidewalk as he protects and refuses to surrender the eco bag that probably includes his valuables.

Nathaniel said he was not able to help the old man since he is inside the bus that time but recorded the incident on video and uploaded it on social media in the hopes to reach proper authorities and also to serve as awareness to his fellow commuters.

September 14, 2018. 1:15 pm along Taft avenue, Pedro gil.Akala ko, yung mga batang nang aagaw ng pagkain na naman ito….

Posted by Nathaniel Javier Jamolin on Thursday, September 13, 2018

Meanwhile, in a report in Remate Ph, it was confirmed that the group of children composed seven youngsters were already seized by authorities.

According to Manila Police District Public Information Office Spokesperson Supt. Manuel Carlo Magno, the group were captured after a follow-up operation done by Paco Police Community Precinct.

Since all of them are minors, the group is scheduled to be turned over under the custody of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD)











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Source: Facebook | Remate Ph

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