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They say love doesn’t cost a thing, but sometimes out of so much love, we tend to give our partners stuff and money even if we could no longer afford it. We love them so much so we give them everything to make them happy.

But sadly, some people tend to abuse this kind of generosity instead of giving love in return. Just like this Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) who seeks the help of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo to complain about her “gold digger” boyfriend who eventually cheated on her.

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According to Honeylyn, just wants to get back all the stuff she was able to give to her ex-boyfriend Melvin Aurella whom she just met on social media.

Honeylyn revealed that aside from giving Melvin three different smartphones and wrist-watch, she was also able to give him money in total of P90, 000 since she would often send her full monthly salary to Melvin during their 8-month relationship.

Honeylyn said that she could no longer contact Melvin after the latter blocked her on social media. When the program called Melvin, he said that he talked to Honeylyn properly about the breakup.

“Kinausap kita, nagpaalam ako sa’yo ng maayos, di ako kagaya ng ibang lalaki na basta na lang nawawala na parang bula!” said Melvin who also agreed to give back all the stuff that Honeylyn wants to get back.

During their confrontation to turn over all the material things, Honeylyn could not help but get emotional that leads her to slap and curse Melvin.

But everything did not end bitterly as Honeylyn got easily swayed by Melvin. Watch the full story below:




Ito ang bagong LOVE TEAM sa social media.

Ito ang bagong LOVE TEAM sa social media.#raffytulfoinactionYoutube:

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