Parang disaster movie! Kita sa video na ito kung paano nabulabog ng ipo-ipo ang isang kasal sa Marikina

It was supposed to be their perfect day but the wrath of nature did not care.

A video of a wedding ceremony in Marikina City went viral on the internet as the newly-wed couple and guests were surprised and feared for their lives after a tornado caused disturbance in their celebration.

The video, which was posted by Allan Jerome Esturia, shows the people in the wedding ceremony having fun and dancing to some music until they heard some uncomfortable and disturbing sounds of wind outside.

They later realized that it was actually a tornado that was suddenly formed amid the growing weather disturbance of Typhoon Ompong at that time.

A day filled with love turned into a scary disaster movie-eseuq as a crackle halted the event and a sudden brown out occurred, causing everyone to scream and panic for their lives.

Residents of Marikina City were caught by surprised when the tornado was suddenly formed in their area as they thought that they only have to prepare for the strong typhoon.

No one was reported as a casualty during the short onslaught of the tornado. The tornado, however, caused some damages in establishments in Marikina City including the Marikina Cultural Center, Our Lady of Abandoned Church, the Kapitan Moy convention centerbook, a shoe building, and some electrical wires near Marikina Shoe Museum.

Two residents in the area were also rushed to the nearest hospital after they sustained injuries from the tornado.

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Netizens expressed their sadness for the couple and the guests as a good day turned into a horrible experience.

“That is actually very sad. I am sure ilang buwan ding pinaghandaan ng both families ang kasal na yan tapos nataon pa na masama ang panahon. Pero okay lang yan be positive nalang basta ligtas kayo lahat jan yon naman mahalaga. Binagyo man wedding day nyo just make sure di babagyuhen marriage life nyo. Congrats! God bless! And stay safe,” Irish Frank said.

“I hope this newlywed live happily as a couple, wala sana magsabi na malas or mamalasin sila, baka yan pa ang sign na uulanin at sasabugan sila ng swerte,” Liz LM P said.

“Very strange nman mka look si lady in red, unhappy. So sad for the newly wed. For sure matagal silang nag prepare for this once in a life time event of their life,” Marlane Munoz Serato said.

Meanwhile, there are some netizens with a good heart who offered some services to make up for the horrible experience they had.

“Pls pm us gusto namin mag sponsor sa wedding nyo. Photo and video here,” Ta La said.

“I feel sorry sa newlywed im event coordinator events and choreography. if ok sa inyo mag sponsor ako catering at stylist ng event nyo,, ramdam ko kayo. Mesg lng po kayo sakin,, program food styling, mag sponsor kami ng team ko,” Caloy Santos said.


Source: ABS-CBN

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