Gustong makuha ng babaeng ito ang kanyang anak mula sa ex niya pero hindi natutuwa ang mga netizens! Ito ang dahilan

When a couple really love each other, it will come to a point that having children is no problem as they are willing to raise a beautiful and wonderful family. Unfortunately, some of these stories do not end with a happy ending but with messy court hearings and even an episode on Raffy Tulfo’s public service radio show.

Ana Teresa Leonora Despuig, a call center agent, sought help of Raffy in gaining the custody of one of her children from her former partner Romel Cuambot Jr. According to her narrative to Raffy, she once left their two-month-old child to Romel so that she could work and earn money for them.

Ana believes she is now capable to take care of her children as she is financially stable now. However, Romel thinks otherwise.

Raffy then contacted Romel and told him to give the child to Ana, citing the law that any minor below six years old should be under the custody of their mother. Romel then told Raffy that Ana is incapable of taking care of her children. In response, Raffy said Ana’s salary as a call center agent can sustain the child.

The show contacted Venus Padua, a social welfare officer, to help them in getting the child back to Ana. Venus promised that her wish will be granted given that the law on child custody is on her side.
With all of these developments, Romel did not hesitate to rant as he described it as unfair.

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Raffy then turned humorous as he jokingly said that he will give some candy, chocolates, or “kornik” to Romel to prevent him from losing his sane.

Netizens thought the decision was unfair and the custody should have been given to Romel instead of Ana.

”Sir raffy..minsan ok ka at pumapanig ka sa mga nanay na gustong makuha ang anak..may paltos ka dito at may.point c kuya..oo batas is batas pero asan ang hustisya..if u were on.his shoes 2mths until 6 yrs sya ang naghirap, nagmahal at nag aruga.tpos sasabihin mo bibigyan mo ng kendi what a sarcastic words for someone who give his life for his kids tatay ka din sir raffy if u cannot be fair this time be realistic..sana nkita mo yung capture kay ateng baboy ngiting aso eh pgkatapos ng drama….dont be fool sometimes,” Moraki Amandy said.

“Sana may batas rin para sa mga tatay na mabait at mrunong mag aruga sa mga anak pra nde nman maging unfair sa knila sila nagsakripisyo cla p ang parang lumalabas na msama sa bandang huli dami din kya mga pbayang ina,” Mario Alarma said.

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