Mas gugustuhin pa raw ni misis mawala sa mundong ito kaysa sa balikan ang kanyang asawa!

No one can say when you will meet “the one”. Most of the time, people meet their true love while they are still young while some meet them when they thought that “the one” does not exist at all.

In case of Beatriz Reyes, she met “the one” on Facebook and he is in form of Noli Tejano. Beatriz thought that she met the love of her life when she married Dante Reyes. They had children and they were seen as a sweet couple to the eyes of their children.

However, that sparks did not last as Beatriz claimed that Dante has been physically and mentally abusing her. She still vividly remembered the time when Dante pointed a gun and a knife against her. That’s when she thought she had enough and left him.

Beatriz is currently happy to Noli and she wants to spend the rest of her life with him. However, the two are not yet legally separated. This is when the two sought help of Raffy Tulfo by convincing Dante to let her go.

Raffy suggested to Beatriz that she should file charges against Dante for causing physical and mental pain to her.

Dante, in a phone call, said that he does not want to pursue any annulment as she still loves Beatriz.

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The show also called Glaidel Reyes, Dante and Beatriz’ children, to ask more context about the situation. Glaidel sided with her father and told Raffy that Noli once threatened Dante and her relatives with unwanted attention and other forms of disturbing threats. She also called her mother as a “maldita”.

After looking at all sides, Raffy told Beatriz that what she was doing with Noli is illegal in the eyes of the law. This situation can be the reason for the couple to be put behind the bars.

Beatriz cannot resist crying upon learning her options. She said that if the law only permits her to be with Dante, she would rather cease from living instead.

“Mas magandang [mawala na lang ako sa buhay]. Masaya po ako sa kanya (Noli) dahil di niya ako sinasaktan,” she told Raffy.

Raffy then suggested that Beatriz should pursue furthermore her annulment case in order for their marriage to be null and voided. This could also be the way for her and Noli to live together legally as a couple.

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