Mister Humingi Ng Tulong Upang Makausap Ang Asawang 4 Na Taon Nang Hindi Nagpapakita!

A man named Joel went to the station of Raffy Tulfo to seek help in finding his wife who has been gone for 4 years.

His wife named Ailyn Sumlhig Ornopia worked in Kuwait for 2 years. After that she went back home but she did not bother to go home to her family. She directly went to Cebu to find another job.

According to the statement of the husband Joel, his wife saw a picture of a woman on Facebook that ignited the fire between them. Since then, she no longer listened to every explanation that he said.

The wife didn’t even visit her children. They have 3 children together.

Though they have communication through phone, it is not enough to settle the situtation that they have.

Raffy Tulfo immediately called the wife to ask the reason why she didn’t visit them. She is claiming that her husband already has a new woman right before she left Kuwait. But the husband denied the accusations.

She has been offered the chance to be with her family, but her answer is not clear. It is as if she doesn’t want to see her children in person.

Until eventually they ended with an agreement that Mr. Tulfo will be shouldering the costs for the woman to visit her family in Manila. All arrangements will be settled by the Tulfo team. What she needs to do is to pack up her things and get ready to cry once she sees her children!

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