Ina, hinarap ang mga biyenang nagpasok sa kaniya sa mental hospital kahit wala naman daw siyang sakit sa pag-iisip!

A devastated mother recently seeks the help of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo to demand a financial support from her estranged husband for their child who is currently at her custody.

According to Queenie Rose Detic, she has been separated from her husband Engr. Michael Detic since 2013 but as she narrates the reason why they get separated, an underlying issue was brought up.

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Queenie narrated that back in 2013 when she decided to broke up with Michael and take their baby, his family tricked her to accompany her in the airport but she was brought straight to a mental institution, someone just injected her medicine and woke up inside a mental hospital with other mentally challenged patients.

After watching Queenie’s initial interview, Michael’s mother Jesusa Detic and her niece Paz Villanueva went to Tulfo’s radio program to air their side of the story.

The two said that Queenie was having panic attacks back in 2013, she is acting hysterically and even threatening to run in the middle of the street and get hit by a car together with her baby. They said they have no other choice but to bring her into a mental institution due to her alarming actions.

Jesusa and Paz claimed that Queenie got diagnosed with a bipolar disorder and went back and forth in National Center for Mental Health in Mandaluyong for her checkup and treatment, to support their claim, they showed records from the said hospital.

But Queenie denied going back to the mental institution and said that after she was released, she then went to Philippine General Hospital (PGH) and University of Sto. Thomas (UST) Hospital to get a second opinion about her mental health, which she both got cleared and got a certification that she is mentally fit to get the custody of her child.

Queenie said that she believed there was a sabotage that happened in Mandaluyong mental hospital that is why she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.


After her initial interview in Tulfo’s show, Queenie also revealed that the head of GMA Cavite MSWD texted her to inform her that the social worker who accompanied her together with the Detic family in the mental hospital is not a licensed social worker.

When the program contacted GMA Cavite’s MSWD OIC Apara Caballero, she confirmed meeting Queenie when the latter seeks help to retrieve her child and during their interview, the mother is very much normal.

Amparo also said that they based their assessment from the assessment and recommendation done by a social worker in MSWD stating that Queenie is psychologically fit based on the two separate certificates she got from PGH and UST hospital.



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