Moira Dela Torre, umani ng batikos matapos kumanta sa isang event para kay Marcos! Mga organizer may matinding pasabog laban sa singer!

Fast-rising singer and songwriter Moira Dela Torre is now in the hot seat after getting herself perform in an event organized to commemorate the 101st birthday of late President Ferdinand Marcos in Ilocos and said that she is not aware that it is a “Marcos-related event”.

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In a Twitter post, Moira first addressed her anti-Marcos fans who got disappointed that the artist took part in the said event celebrating a “dictator’s” birthday. In defense, Moira said that the event organizers told her that she is going to perform in an event called “Ilocano Millennial Night” in Laog on September 11 but was not informed that was actually a “Marcos Fest” event.

This Marcos Fest was supposed to be called I-Millenial Fest. I AM NOT A MARCOS APOLOGETIC. Never will I be.” Moira wrote.

To prove her claim, Moira even uploaded a screenshot of a reminder from the organizer reminding her about an event called “Ilocano Millennial Night”.

From the earlier reminders til before we got there, they addressed it as the Ilocano Millenial Night. Not once was his name brought up. So let me be clear about this: I performed for the people of Ilocos and NOT for Marcos.” Moira said adding that she is disappointed with the event organizers as well.

 “It was the producer who failed to give us all the information. I think he purposely left that out to keep us from not accepting the event…. which makes me even angrier,” she added.

But this explanation did not go well with some Ilocanos especially the event organizers who also took to social media to slam the artist.

In a Facebook post, Ilocos Norte Provincial Tourism Office Head Aian Raquel said that they never tricked Moira and revealed about the latter’s unprofessionalism during the event.

“Nobody tricked you Moira Dela Torre. You knew that the event was called “Marcos Fest,” at the very least posters were up even before you flew to Laoag,” Raquel wrote.

“Thank you for bringing your music to Ilocos, and we were really appreciative of you even if you were late for 20 minutes and with a bad, sickly voice. You were supposed to perform @ 10pm,” she added.

Meanwhile, journalist and Vera Files contributor Bernard Ver who is an Ilocos Norte native revealed yet another exposure about Moira and her alleged attitude problem during her visit in Laoag and her performance in the said event.

“I was there during the concert. Hinintay ka namin ng matagal. Wala kang magandang boses kasi namamaus ka. 60% ng kanta mo sa audience [pasa ang microphone] pinagawa. Limang kanta, para sa isang singer na iniidolo ng karamihan (baka hindi naman lahat). Humirit si Gov. ng isang kanta pero hindi mo manlang pinagbigyan,” Ver said.

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