WATCH: Mga manggagawang hindi na ng pinapasahod ng tama, minamaltrato pa ng mga amo, sumugod kay Raffy Tulfo!

Let’s admit it, we work hard to be able to earn money and provide the needs of our family, however, not all of us are lucky enough to have met a generous and law-abiding employer who comply with all the rules in terms of employment.

Just like the cry of these groups of employees who recently seeks the help of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo to complain about their respective employers who is clearly doing a lot of irregularities and improper labor practice.

According to a group of tailors who works a garment shop in San Rafael in Navotas, Manila, their Chinese employer named Jonathan Chong is not giving them enough salary and only pays them per dozen or quota basis.

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Chong is also not paying their overtime fee even if he is requiring them work until 9 P.M. and does not give them mandatory employment benefits.

On top of that, they revealed that the foreign employer could often bad-mouth them whenever he is mad. They also revealed that Chong does not have any necessary documents to work in the country and his tailor shop does not have a business permit.

The program tried contacting Chong, but since he could not fully understand and speak in the Filipino language, a friend volunteered to translate everything for him instead.

Tulfo then instructed the friend to tell Chong about his improper labor practices, failure to comply necessary business documents, and inflicting verbal maltreatment to his employees and he should face all consequences concerning this.

Tulfo also gave him a piece of advice that drew laughter from the group of tailors, “Yung kaniyang bibig, mag-toothbrush siya, kasi napaka baho ng kaniyang hininga panay ang mura niya!” Tulfo said.

Meanwhile, another group of waiters working in Verleo Catering also seeks the help of Tulfo for the improper labor practices done by the said company.

The group complains that Verleo Catering is giving them a below-minimum salary and deducting benefits contribution from their salary but not remitting it to the respective government agencies.

One of them revealed that he decided to expose all anomalies happening in Verleo Catering which includes waiters cramping inside their service vehicle together with catering materials during a catering service and revealed about a memorandum stating that if their service vehicle got flagged down by traffic authorities, the violation penalty will be deducted from their salary.

He said that after is post went viral on social media, his Facebook account got canceled that is why he is now worried if what he did could be a grounds for a libel case.

When the program contacted Verleo Catering’s HR Manager Badette Pineda, she said the company is willing to face them at the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) for a dialogue and settlement.





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