WATCH: Mister na nanakit ng kanyang misis sinampolan ni Idol Raffy Tulfo!

You know what’s worse than a cheating husband? A cheating husband who also physically abuses his wife and still lie about it.

Vilma Fulo thought she will have her ideal life when she married Alejandro Fulo, a driver. As time goes by, Alejandro showed his worst version of him to Vilma and she had enough of it. That is why she went to Raffy Tulfo to seek help about it.

According to Vilma, who was crying while telling her story, Alejandro constantly cheats on her with another woman. Alejandro even had the guts to take Vilma’s clothes and lend it to his alleged mistress.

She even showed to Raffy the evidence that the mistress was using her clothes as the garments were already loose.

That is not the worst part. Vilma also revealed that she was physically abused by her husband and as a way of proving her claims, she even showed her medical certificate.

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Alejandro denied all of the accusations through a phone patch. He said he has no mistress but he admitted that there were times that he hurt Vilma.

He tried to justify it by telling Raffy that Vilma was being naggy and annoying sometimes.
Raffy, however, was not having any of it at all.

He said that the claims about the mistress may need more evidence but he can never take his side because of the physical abuse claims. He said that he will never ever forgive a man who hurts his wife.

The veteran broadcaster ordered Alejandro to seek forgiveness to his wife but to their surprise, it was Alejandro who even “gave” his forgiveness to Vilma. Raffy then declared Alejandro as their most stupid guest ever in the show.

Raffy told Vilma that they will assist him in filing a case in the Violence and Women and Children’s Desk.

Netizens empathized with Vilma and condemned Alejandro of his guts to not apologize to his wife.
“Punyemas ka Alejandro! Dpt makulong ka pra di kana pamarisan..Sarap mo ibitin patiwarik,” Airah Lim said.

“Gago Ka Alejandro! Nang babae kapa? Sinungaling Kang hinayupak Kang Alejandro,ngaun natakot Ka Na Alejandro, Hoy! Alejandro bull[redacted] Kang gago Ka! Ate iyakin pakulong mo na Yang gagong Alejandro na yan,” Laguyan Joan.

“Ipakulong mo na yan ate para matauhan yan.,” Luisa Almadrones said.
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