Lolang sobrang mahal si lolo, binibintangan na nangangaliwa; Lolo, naiiyak sa mga paratang!

Leonilo Flores, a 60-year-old man, would have never imagined that at such old age, he would still face infidelity allegations and jealousy from his wife Virginia. That’s why when the couple went to Raffy Tulfo, Leonilo cannot resist to cry while defending himself from his wife’s allegations.

Virginia, who kept on reminding that she still loves his husband so much, told Raffy that she has basis for her accusations. Leonilo said that it was frustrating for Virginia to bring up a misunderstood situation that happened four years ago.

According to Virginia, he caught Leonilo cheating to her with an 18-year-old girl named Melody. She also brought an affidavit signed by Melody, admitting that there are things that happened between her and Leonilo and promised that she will not see him again.

Virginia also said Leonilo got Melody impregnated as the girl posted a picture of her baby on her Facebook account and told Leonilo that he should have responsibilities to his alleged child.

Leonilo quickly denied all of this and bravely volunteered for a DNA test to prove the child was not his. He made it clear that there was no kiss, touch, and copulation that occurred.

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For him, Melody is just a young woman that he had a friendly relationship with.
Virginia then told Raffy the story of how she caught the two in a park.

One time, she followed Leonilo to a park and then she saw him poking Melody with an umbrella. That’s when she entered the scene and confronted her husband.

She said her hunch about Leonilo cheating on her started when she noticed that he was always on his phone and he is not telling her who he was talking to. He usually answer that it’s just a text from their phone network.

Leonilo clarified that at that time he told Melody that they cannot be friends anymore because his wife is starting to get jealous of her.

While the two were telling their sides, Raffy can’t help but to laugh as the two, especially Virginia, were so animated and emotional in telling their stories. Underneath all of these accusations and frustrations, Raffy see a couple who are still so in love with each other at such old age.

To mend their conflict, Raffy offered the two for a one night stay in a hotel and a dine-in in a five-star restaurant, which the two gladly accepted. Leonilo even asked Raffy if they can bring their grandchildren for a family bonding in such rare offer.


Sa halip na baril, payong ang gamit ni Lola.

Sa halip na baril, payong ang gamit ni Lola.. Pampa good vibes ito😂#raffytulfoinactionYoutube:

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