Magkakapatid nag-aagawan sa kustodiya ng senior citizen na ina! Maitim na balak ng isa sa kanila, nabuking ni Idol Raffy!

We all know for a fact that our parents work hard and sacrifice a lot in order to raise us and give us a better life, so the least that we could do is give back and pay their sacrifices by taking care of them as they grow old.

But sometimes, some children have a hidden agenda in look after their parents and the culprit? Their much-awaited inheritance. Just like what veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo discovered when this woman seeks his help to complain about her siblings who is allegedly not taking good care of their 77-year-old mother.

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According to Wilma Casajay, her mother Esperanza Robante is now in critical condition under the custody of her two elder brothers. She claimed that Nanay Esperanza has a huge bed sore and could no longer talk when she last visited her in her brother’s house.

That is why she seeks Tulfo’s help in order to rescue her mother and be able to transfer her to her custody.

When the program contacted Wilma’s eldest brother, Wilfredo Robante, he said that Nanay Esperanza is in perfect condition under his care, in fact, their father is also under his care.

The program then contacted Calbayog City Western Samar’s City Social Welfare and Development Office Head Antonio Tanio to request to visit Wilfredo’s home and assess if it is safe for Nanay Esperanza’s condition, but Tanio has an explosive revelation about Wilma’s complaint.

He said that they already conducted a home and family assessment at Wilfedo’s house and they recommended Nanay Esperanza to be under his custody as her husband and another son is also in the same house.

Tanio revealed that Wilma often seeks their office help and assistance to bring Nanay Esperanza in the hospital because of a hidden agenda. He revealed that Wilma once told him that she only wants to bring Nanay Esperanza in the hospital and under her custody to let the old woman affix her thumb mark in affidavit so she could get a P150,000 amount from DPWH.

The social worker also revealed that he was able to talk to Wilma’s wife who is not in favor of letting Nanay Esperanza stay with them.

It turned out that Nanay Esperanza was initially at Wilma’s custody years ago, but her condition got worst that is why he was transferred to Wilfredo’s care.

Because of this revelation, Tulfo slammed Wilma and refused to help her even after insisting that her mother is in a critical condition.

“Bingo! Yari! Hudas, Barabas, Hestas! Sa ngalan ng salapi, ilalagay mo sa alanganin ang buhay ng iyong nanay!” Tulfo said.



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