Mga estudyante ng isang Japanese class, gusto ng refund dahil wala raw silang natutunan; May-ari, sinabing maawa raw sa kanya!

Some Filipinos are aiming to work at Japan because of the high wage being offered there. It is definitely a big help to them and to their families. One of the requirements in working to Japan though is having a proficient skill in speaking in Nihonggo since most Japanese are not fluent in English.

To solve those problems, there are some schools in the Philippines offering Nihonggo classes. Just pay them and people who want to learn Nihonggo can take some lessons and exercises that will help them in becoming fluent in the mentioned language.

Mark Temple wants to go to Japan to become a caregiver to help his family. Upon knowing that he needs to be proficient ni Nihonggo, he browsed for schools with Japanese classes and he found out Lyceum International College, which is located in BGC.

Since his family wants him to reach his dreams of earning huge bucks by working in Japan, his mother even pawned their own lot so Mark can pay his tuition in the mentioned educational institution.

However, he felt like he was scammed by the institution. Not only did he not learn Nihonggo, the quality of the classes is subpar at most. They were promised that they will learn Nihonggo in 400 hours of classes but they were only taught for more or less than 100 hours.

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He was not alone as his classmates also felt that they did not get their money’s worth. To seek help about this matter, they went to Raffy Tulfo to discuss possible solutions to this problem.

Raffy brought Jobert Mangaser, the owner of Lyceum International College, to know both sides of the story.

The complainants told Raffy about their experience with the institution: They did not learn enough in their Japanese lessons and they were scammed with the promise of working with an agency.

Mark said that Jobert promised them of working with an agency specializing in caregivers but when he went to the said agency, he was surprised to know that they are looking for welders instead.

They also found out that some of their classmates even got discounts for their classes.
Jessica, one of the students, even said they were just compressed like sardines in a cubicle.

Charlotte, also of one the students, told Raffy that she was disqualified from a job because her employer realized that she is not fluent in Nihonggo.

In his defense, Jobert said that he is still working with some agencies. This frustrated Raffy as Jobert gave the students a false promise of a guaranteed job with agencies.

To compensate for their frustrations, the students asked for a refund to the classes they took. Jobert then begged for them to show mercy since he has no money as of the moment.

The students, however, brought back that statement to him, asking him if he had mercy to them who sacrificed a lot just to take their classes.

Jobert vowed that he will give them refunds but asked them to give him some time.


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