WATCH: Mister, handa raw patawarin si misis kahit iniputan na siya sa ulo at naanakan ng dalawang magkaibang foreigner!

Establishing a strong relationship while being miles away from each other has always been a challenge for many couples who are in a long distance relationship. They say distance makes the love grow fonder, but we all know, more often than not, distance actually gives room for a third party to lurk in and ruin a relationship.

Sadly no matter how hard we try to keep our relationship strong and healthy, there will come a time that infidelity will really test a relationship’s foundation and it is only up to the couple if they will choose to love each other or give-in to temptation.

Recently, a desperate husband seeks the help of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo in the hopes to fix the relationship with his wife even if she allegedly had an extra-marital affair with another man while working abroad.

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According to Welvin Cañete, her wife Elovelle is a former Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) who works as a domestic helper in Abu Dhabi. During her years of stay in the said foreign country, Elovelle had two illicit affairs and was impregnated by two different men; one is Pakistani national while the other is a Jordanian national.

Welvin said that Elovelle is currently in the Philippines, he even tried to visit her in her parents’ house but Elovelle runs away and refused to see him.

Despite being cheated on twice, Welvin said he is willing to accept Elovelle with open arms for the sake of their marriage and their 6-year-old daughter.

“Nilunok ko na nga po yung tae ko sa ulo saka yung pride ko po. Lahat po nilunok ko na para lang magkaayos kami,” Welvin said.

When the program contacted Elovelle’s sister- Evervelle Llego, she said that Elovelle told them that she and Welvin have been separated for the past 5 years, that is why they were also surprised when Welvin visited their house recently.

Tulfo the suggested Welvin to just forget about Elovelle since in case they got back together, there is still a higher chance that Elovelle will fool him again.

Tulfo advised Welvin to just move on with his life, look for a job and focus his priorities in life in raising their daughter.



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