Misis Inireklamo ang OFW na Mister na Hindi Nagpapadala ng Sapat na Sustento, Pero si Mister, Nagmatigas!

Not all of us are blessed with a “happily ever after” kind of love story, unfortunately, some relationships come to an end for so many reasons; infidelity, unamendable differences, and financial issues are just some of the very common reason why a couple’s once happy relationship will conclude.

Moving on from broken relationships is easier said than done, most especially if there are kids involved in the relationship. Unfortunately, when a married couple decided to go on separate ways, the children are the one mainly affected not just emotionally but also financially.

Just like the complaint of this mother of three who recently seeks the help of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo to complain about her husband who is no longer giving enough financial support for their kids.

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According to Loida Garduce her husband Emerson who is currently an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) in Dubai is no longer fulfilling their initial agreement on the amount he will send to support the needs of their three children.

Loida also revealed that their annulment case which was initiated by Emerson is already on the process in court.

When Tulfo’s program contacted Emerson, he revealed that he is sending an estimated amount to P50, 000 to P70, 000 per month before, but recently, the financial support decreased to P25, 000 to P30, 000 a month since he is still paying a bank loan.

Emerson explained that the said bank load was meant for the amortization of the house they bought, however, he discovered that Loida is not paying for it even if he is consistently sending money for the said bill on top of the financial needs of their kids.

He also revealed that he has a savings account before that was wiped out by Loida, he said that he entrusted the ATM card of that savings account to Loida but later on discovered that there are unauthorized withdrawals in Manila while she is in Batangas.

Emerson suspected that she has a lover based in Manila who is withdrawing the money, but all the allegations were denied by Loida.

Tulfo then suggested delegating a trustworthy relative to give the money to his children or send it directly to his 14-year-old son’s ATM account and instruct him to distribute the money among his siblings.

“Nagbibigay po ako ng tamang sustento, ang sa’kin lang naman po, wala pong problema kahit ibigay ko ang buong sweldo ko, ang sa’kin lang po masigurado ko na sa bata po talaga napupunta,” Emerson said.




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