Sa sobrang sakit ng breakup nila, gustong kunin ng lalaking ito ang lahat ng regalong binigay niya sa ex niya. Pero si ex, ayaw niya!

Breaking up with your partner is a painful process. As for John Bryan Bitoon, he doesn’t want his breakup with his partner Bianca Claro to be just painful as he wants to get back all the things he worked hard and sacrificed for her – literally.

John Bryan approached Raffy Tulfo to get help in getting back all the things he gave to Bianca. This includes money, cell phones, shoes, watch, toys for her child (with her former partner) and even a hanger and an iron for their clothes. According to him, it was painful for him to be with Bianca with how she treated him.

He initially admitted that he was once mingling with other women despite being with her. However, he said he already changed and he gave everything to her just to make her happy.

What hurt him the most, he said, was when Bianca even denied in front of her male colleague that they are in a relationship.

To respond to what he said, Bianca, through a phone call, said it is unfair for her to give back all the things John Bryan gave her considering all the money she spent for him to eat and sleep.

Bianca said she got annoyed every time John Bryan gives her an expensive gift like two cell phones and a pair of shoes because she knows that John Bryan wouldn’t have money and she will be the one who’s going to pay the bills.

Moreover, Bianca revealed she already kicked out John Bryan before because he was cheating on her with other girls. She said she caught John Bryan texting other girls and even sending pictures of his private parts.

John Bryan became emotional as he said that he was contributing to the bills and he was spending all of his salary just to make her happy.

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He also said that he needs all of his stuff back because he is starting a new life with a new job but he has nowhere to go since he already spent all of his money to Bianca.

In the end, Bianca still refused to give back all the gifts she received from John Bryan as she insisted all of the money she spent just to make sure John Bryan has a home to sleep and food to eat for two years.

Raffy also told John Bryan that he shouldn’t pursue the gifts he gave to her since some of them may not be in good condtion anymore. He also told John Bryan that it is ok to go back to his parent’s home in Cavite so that he can slowly get back on his feet.

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