WATCH: Nagmagaling ang babaeng ito kay Ben Tulfo pero ngayon, gusto na niyang mafeature sa Bitag!

You know what they say: Do not mess with Ben Tulfo.

A woman named Jocelyn Mar Binarao, who was involved in an alleged real estate scam, got a taste of Tulfo’s wrath as Ben made her wait and stand outside their office of BITAG under the scorching sun after she did not respond to their team’s request of appearing at their studio.

But what happened first that led to this situation.

A group of people allegedly victimized by Jocelyn went to the BITAG studio to forward their concern to Ben. According to them, they bought a property that is being sold by Jocelyn but little did they know that the property was already sold before.

They realized they were fooled after their check bounced on the bank.
They also found out that there are at least 40 people who were allegedly victimized by Jocelyn.
Ben said that they tried to contact Jocelyn but they failed to get a response.

They also called National Capital Region Police Office Regional Director Police Director Guillermo Eleazar to seek help about this matter. Chief Eleazar then recommended the victims to come to his office to file charges against Jocelyn.

After the episode aired, Jocelyn then responded to the calls of the BITAG team. To their surprise, it was Jocelyn who was infuriated of what happened.

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She first denied all the allegations thrown at her and even challenged the complainants to file a case and show evidence against her. She condemned the BITAG team for quickly believing in them just because they showed up in the studio as a group.

Moreover, she said the BITAG team had no mercy at all to her. She said that the episode has already affected her kids and her reputation because of the malicious accusations.
She was also vexed with Ben as he laughed at the threats she received because of the allegations. “Di ba kayo tao?” she asked them.

In response, Ben Tulfo told Jocelyn that she should have taken the chance of being invited by the BITAG team instead of ignoring it. Since she ignored it, according to Ben, she must face consequences.

“Do not play with BITAG Kilos Pronto,” Ben warned Jocelyn.

He also said that they are not scared of her and they will win this case.

The BITAG team has already accompanied the victims to NCRPO-RSOU to file charges against Jocelyn. She will face charges of syndicated estafa, large scale estafa, and bouncing check law.


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