Nanawagan ang nanay na ito na sagutin ng dati niyang nobyo ang pagpapagamot ng anak nila pero ayaw ng lalaki!

Letecia Delin went to Qatar in hopes of providing a better life for herself and for her family in the Philippines. She then met James Armas there, a fellow Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW). Romance bloomed and it resulted into a blessing named baby Tricia. Life is really going great for Letecia.

Or that is what she hoped for.

Letecia was dealing with some problems she hoped she would deal with. The sparks with James turned into a flicker until it was nothing. Baby Tricia has some physical conditions that need to be treated. The worst part though is James not giving Letecia any help because he is not recognizing the baby as his own.

Letecia went to Raffy Tulfo in hopes that he can help her to obligate James in giving them help in the Philippines. She told Raffy that her baby needs to undergo Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanning procedure to furthermore know the condition of baby Tricia.

The show then called James through phone. Upon hearing his voice, baby Tricia’s face bloomed and said “siya yun”.

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In a phone patch, James told Raffy that he is not giving them any financial help because he is not sure if he is the father of the child. He told Raffy that when they were living together in Qatar, Letecia was allegedly cheating on her.

He told him that there was a time when Letecia was texting someone and she was not even saying who she was talking to, making him more suspicious of her.

Letecia then insisted that James is the father of baby Tricia and said that she is willing to undergo DNA testing to prove her claim. James said that she is also willing to undergo DNA testing with the child but he cannot go back to the Philippines yet because he is facing cases in Qatar.

Since James is adamant about his decision on not giving them money for baby Tricia’s medical expenses, Raffy told Letecia that he will shoulder the expenses.

Letecia, baby Trishia, and the show’s team then went to a mall to buy some clothes and toys for baby Tricia and grocery for the two. The expenses were also shouldered by Raffy.

All thanks to Raffy, baby Tricia has finally undergo MRI scan. He also vowed that he will shoulder further expenses of the child.

Letecia thanked Raffy for the help he gave to them. She said that she did not regret going to him.


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