Raffy Tulfo, nag-ala Kuya Will at nakipagtawaran para bilhin ang sapatos na nais bawiin ni kuya sa kaniyang dating kinakasama!

When you enter a relationship, it is just normal to give material gifts to your partner be it expensive or not, especially if you have the extra money to afford it. We tend to shower our loved ones with gifts even if they do not ask for it as a way to show and make them feel loved.

These material things range from clothes, shoes, jewelry, gadgets, and some would even give cars or properties out of so much love. But everyone should be reminded that this stuff is gifts that you voluntarily gave your partners and could not take it back anytime you want to especially if you already decided to end your relationship.

Just take it from the experience of this man who recently seeks the help of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo in the hopes to retrieve all the stuff he was able to give to his live-in partner.

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According to John Bryan Bitoon, her live-in partner Bianca Claro already broke up with him and kicked her out of the house they live in, to have a proper closure, Bryan wants to retrieve all the money he was able to spend to Biance and the stuff he gave to her as a gift.

Initially, Bryan admitted that Bianca caught her flirting with another woman that is why they broke up, but he argued that Bianca also did him wrong when she once denied having a relationship with him when he caught her with another man.

Bryan said he no longer wants to be associated with Bianca and just want to retrieve his stuff including the flat iron, hanger, shoes, watch, cellphone and the money amounting to P6,000 he used to buy toys for Bianca’s child and the P10,000 he gave to pay the tuition fee of Bianca’s child.

When the Tulfo contacted Bianca and told her that Bryan still loves her, she furiously replied saying: “Hindi ‘yan pagmamahal sir, libog ‘yan! Kailangan niya ng suporta, kailangan niya ng matitirahan. Kasi paulit-ulit niyang sinasabi na magbabago siya!”

Bianca revealed that she caught Bryan flirting for several times already and even caught him send photos of his private body part to other women.

Bryan could not help but get emotional as he listens to how bad Bianca talks about him as if they never shared good times before.

 “Kung natatandaan mo lahat ng mga sinakripisyo ko sa’yo, tapos sasabihin mo lang sa’kin yung ganyan, masakit para sa’kin yung sinasabi mo,” Bryan said adding that she choose to spend his money to Bianca instead of sending it to her mother.

“Nagsisisi ako na ikaw yung sinuportahan ko imbes na yung nanay ko!” he added.

Tulfo tried giving Bryan a cash to somehow buy the shoes that he wants to retrieve from Bianca, he offered to pay it in cash for P5,000 up to P7,000 but Bryan refused to take the money.





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Buwelta ni Ate, obssessed daw sa kanya si Kuya. Laughtrip ito!!!

Buwelta ni Ate, obsessed daw sa kanya si Kuya. #raffytulfoinactionYoutube:

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