Kelangan raw ng P12k para pampadulas sa korte pero dapat pala, wala silang binayaran!

It is unfortunate that majority of Filipinos are not literate enough to know legal matters and how it works. Most of them know the simple explanation that someone will go to court and wait for the decision. What most of them don’t know is it involves a lot of transactions and processes behind the court.

Jocelyn Escalante and Janet Alonzo filed a case before the court and they sought help from their barangay in Brgy. Bagombong, Caloocan. One of those people who “helped” them is Jam Casimero, the baranggay assistant mediator.

In the process of helping them, Jam told Jocelyn and Janet that they need to pay P6, 000 each for filing their affidavit under the table, in which they followed.

Jocelyn and Janet thought everything was going well until they found out that they should not pay for anything for the hearing of their case. This means that filing of affidavit should be free in the first place.

Upon learning that Jam could have extorted them, the two went to Raffy Tulfo to help them get their refund from Jam. Raffy first noted that nothing should be under the table and if they have to pay something in relation to their situation, they should have paid straight to the court.

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In a phone patch, Jam insisted that it is normal to ask for money for affidavit purposes. She also said this is the first time that she received a complaint about getting money for such

However, Raffy reminded Jam that it was the fiscal himself that told Jocelyn and Janet that filing for affidavit shouldn’t have a price.

Jam then tried to clear her name by saying that she is just collecting the money for a private law firm that holds the cases of the two. The only benefit they got from it is some money for snacks.

She also insisted that if they want their money back, they should have filed a complaint before than just going to Raffy and cause a scene. Janet replied that she tried to reach her but Jam blocked her on Facebook. Jam then tried to defend herself by saying her Facebook account “malfunctioned” at that time Janet contacted her.

Raffy told Jam that in the first place, she shouldn’t have collected money. Moreover, he said that she has no justification for it as the transaction was done under the table.

The show then contacted Christine Susason, the barangay secretary. She vowed that they will refund the money of Janet and Jocelyn to end this discussion already.


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