Cute! Nagulat at ikinatuwa ng netizens ang inosenteng paghalik ng batang ito sa isang flower girl!

Adults usually find babies doing adult things cute and adorable ranging from imitating them to attempting to do household chores.

They find it adorable because these toddlers are just so darn cute and innocent so everything they do is just acceptable.

A viral video can attest to that as netizens were fond of this baby boy in a viral video for doing something that only adults do. It’s not just a simple imitation of the grownups but it’s a bigger and more romantic act.

According to the Facebook post of John Clegg, he was assigned as the official photographer to the wedding of Alfred and Jamaica last September 18. Everyone was looking good especially the young ones.

It is traditional for every event, especially during wedding ceremonies, to do photo opportunities and take a snapshot of everyone there. It’s a way of preserving memory of such unforgettable day. Little did the grownups know that the event is not just going to be memorable to the couple but also to the famous baby boy.

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In the first shot of the photo ops of the newlywed couples, their friends and their friends’ kids, the grownups covered the eyes of the young ones when the couple kissed one another for a photo.

The wedding photographer then shouted kiss for another camera shot. The couple kissed one another but the grownups were surprised when the baby boy in the video also followed the photographer’s call and kissed a flower girl.

Netizens found it adorable and even said the baby boy stole the attention of the newlywed couple.
“Gaya gaya puto maya!” written by netizen Emmanuelle Catubg.

“ey breezy HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH,” Farinah Delaspenas said,
“Kiss daw kasi eh. Masunurin!” Kyla Lorono Francisco said.

“hahahaha , di ku kinaya yung bata haha,” Melanie Ladao Cruz said.

In just five days, the video was already viewed more than 1.6 million views, reacted more than 39,000 times, and shared 36,000 times on Facebook. The video also garnered more than 800 comments as of the posting.

Netizens were also tagging their friends of the video, making sure that the good vibes set by the video is being spread on the social media spehere.

What do you think of what the kid did to the flower girl? Do you think it’s adorable or not? Do you think the kid was just following orders or he was trying to be slick to the flower girl? Tell us in the comments section below!


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