Gustong bawiin ng nanay na ito ang kanyang anak na pina-ampon sa kanyang kaibigan at ito ang nangyari!

Mothers only want the best for their children so that is why some of them are working harder than before to provide their needs.

Some mothers, on the other hand, want the best for their children that they are even to put them up for adoption.

Not that they don’t like their child, they admitted to themselves that they are not financially or physically capable of caring them and another set of parents could be better than them.

Some mothers put up their child for adoption and try to move on from it. But what if there’s a mother who wants to get their child back from a couple who adopted their children and took care of them properly for months.

This is the problem of a mother named Mhea Lyn Corpin as she approached Raffy Tulfo in helping to get her baby back.

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According to her, she gave her three-month-old baby to her friend Ana Mendoza because she cannot take care of the baby anymore.

She revealed that her first baby was sick with an illness and she can’t just shift her focus to her new baby.

Ana accepted Mhea Lyn’s baby on their own under the condition that she should kept on sending them money for the baby’s needs.

However, weeks passed and Mhea Lyn failed to send money for her baby. Ana then found out that this is Mhea Lyn’s message to her and her husband: She wants her baby back

In an interview, Ana said she should be the one taking care of her adopted child since they already invested so much on the baby. Moreover, she said that it will be unfortunate to the baby if he will be brought back to her mother who has financial problems.

As a possible way of a compensating for their emotional investment, Ana told Mhea they have to pay her P9, 000 for all the things they bought for the baby.

Despite being on the side of Ana for performing motherly duties to her orphan, he said that Mhea Lynn has still the rights to see and have her own daughter back.

With this unfortunate development for Ana, she has no choice but to give up the baby to its mother.
Looks like a happy ending, right? It’s far from it as Raffy’s team learned that Mhea Lynn gave back the baby back to Ana.

Mhea Lynn revealed that she and her first born childis suffering from a contagious illness, making the reason why she can’t have the trash.

Raffy’s team them fixed all papers as a way of making Ana and her husband as the legal foster of the baby.


Sigurado rin na makakaramdam kayo ng pagkainis at pagkaawa sa drama ng tunay na buhay na ito.

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