WATCH: Ina inireklamo ang asawa biyenan at anak pinag-ayos ni Raffy Tulfo!

If you thought you had a crazy family neighbour, you have to hear the story of Beverly Gollayan and her family.

In her story shared to Raffy Tulfo, the 41-year-old mother of two can’t take it anymore with all the infidelity, sibling rivalry, and malicious rumors that have been going on with their dysfunctional family and she wants the broadcaster to help her fix it.

She said that her husband Filamarcelo was cheating on her with another woman in New York, USA. Moreover, her mother-in-law is on the side of his son as she also spreads some nasty rumors about Beverly’s way of parenting her children.

Filamarcelo blamed Beverly for making their son John Mark moved out of their house. He said that she is the reason why their son was behaving badly.

In her emotional defense, Beverly recalled the time that John Mark threatened her and her daughter’s life.

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She said that John Mark almost dropped her from the house’s second floor but was stopped by the barangay officials who caught the whole incident. Beverly also said John Mark once hit and burned his sister’s arm with a hot iron.

In a phone interview, John Mark admitted that he indeed hurt his sister. He also said the reason why he moved out of the house is because of his mother’s accusations that he was using illegal substance.

Upon listening to all of the sides, Raffy encouraged the problematic and dysfunctional family to have a family talk and sort all things out until they make peace to one another.

The show’s team accompanied Beverly in talking to her mother-in-law and they made peace after they talked their problems with one another.

The show also said in an update that the Gollayan family finally had a talk and they are now a one happy family.

Netizens then thanked Raffy for helping in fixing this family.

“Tlaga maasahan ang programa wanted sa radyo ky idol sir raffy tulfo..labis ang mga natutulong ninyo sa mga taong mahihirap..binigay ka ni lord sa tulad nmin need your help..pagpalain po kayo poong my kapal inyong pamilya…we loves need you idol, (sic)” netizen Loveheart Nazareth said.


“Hay salamat., Ang hirap kc ng my problema lalo s pamilya..dpt magmahalan at respeto s isat isa..mhusay tlg c idol raffy.. salamat s lht n naaayos n problema. More blessing’s.. (sic),” Carol Dizon said.

“tlgang no…1 ang raffy tulfo…slmat madami kng m22longan na nghihirap at my mga problema god bless, (sic)” Lani Sugano said.

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