WATCH: Isang Tatay ang gusto masoli sa magulang ang menor de edad na karelasyon ng kanyang anak, nagpasaklolo kay Raffy Tulfo!

Young love really feels magical. It’s the first time that young teens and adolescent feel that there is someone else who loves them for who they are.

They usually think that the person they met when they’re still young is the “soul mate” or “the one”.

However, growing older means maturity and this means that there are just stupid things people feel when they are young and in love.

Some have some innocent realizations like they are not really compatible to one another, they just felt confused with their feelings, or they were just driven with the peer pressure of having a love life.

There are, however, some cases where “young love” is only one sided – by one sided, it means that one of them is a minor while the other one is an adult.

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This is what Antolin Sapurco brought up to Raffy Tulfo as he is seeking help with the minor girlfriend of his adult son.

According to him, a 14-year-old girl identified only as “Monique” refused to go back to her resident and insisted that she wants to stay under his roof with her boyfriend named Erlin.

Antolin also admitted to Raffy that based on the law, his son’s relationship with a 14-year-old girl is not allowed.

In a phone interview, Monique revealed that she wants to stay with Erlin not only because she loves him but also to avoid the alleged physical threats and violence by her parents against her.

Monique’s parents then went to Raffy to clear their name from the accusations thrown at them by their daughter.

According to Monique’s mother, she only hurt her as a form of punishment and instilling of discipline.

She also justified her action to Raffy by revealing that Erlin has been sending inappropriate texts to her daughter. Some of the messages shown were some explicit and troubling details about her daughter’s “dignity”.

The team of Tulfo then sought help of the police and the Department of Social Welfare and Development in getting Monique from her boyfriend.

When Erlin and Monique’s mother faced each other, he can’t help but to get emotional and asked her for forgiveness. He was desperate to be forgiven that he even knelt down on her.

Monique’s mother refused his apology and insisted that they will file a case against him and his father.

Her daughter even tried to plead to her mother to leave her boyfriend alone. However, her mother said they will push through the case on the court.


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