WATCH: Mga batang iniwan ng ina, napahagulgol kay Raffy Tulfo ng harap-harapan silang ipinagpalit ng ina sa kinakasamang foreigner

When a couple decided to build a family, they are expected to uphold their vows and help each other through thick and thin. When the family’s need could no longer be sustained, one has to sacrifice and work abroad in order to earn bigger amount and provide the needs of the family, this is the typical situation of most families in the Philippines.

Going miles away to work for the benefit of the whole family could be hard, but most families are getting through it in order to survive. But sometimes, distance doesn’t really make the heart grow fonder, instead, it grows apart.

Just like the complaint of Joseph Tutana, a father of 4 children who seek the help of veteran public service announcer Raffy Tulfo in order to beg for the family’s matriarch to go back to their family for the sake of their 4 children.

According to Joseph, it has been 3 months since his wife Jenelyn Alfonso went back home but did not even care to meet them, she instead stayed with her mother, Nimfa Alfonso.

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When the program called Jenelyn, she said she no longer wants to be with Joseph due to infidelity incident back in 2011. Joseph admitted his mistake but said it did not happen anymore and instead focused on his children despite Jenelyn’s lack of support.

Their four children are also present in the program who begged for their mother to come back home, but she said that she is already bound to Kuwait on January 29.

It was also revealed that Jenelyn has a new boyfriend, a foreigner based in Saudi whom her mother likes so much as the guy is sending them money.

Later on, Jenelyn admitted having a new boyfriend which broke the heart of her four children, “Mga anak, meron na akong bago… ayoko na sa tatay niyo. Sorry mga anak.”

Since Jenelyn no longer wants to go back to her family, Tulfo then requested her to at least have a bonding with her children before she leaves the country to which Jenelyn agreed.

But on the day of their family bonding at the Enchanted Kingdom, Jenelyn did not show up.

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Watch the full story below:

Napahagulgol sila matapos prangkahin ni Nanay na iiwanan na niya sila at sasama na sa ibang lalaki.

Napahagulgol sila matapos prangkahin ni Nanay na iiwanan na niya sila at sasama na sa ibang lalaki.#raffytulfoinactionYoutube:

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