WATCH: Ang katotohanan noong panahon ng Martial Law ayon sa isang lola

When the word Martial Law is mentioned, a lot of Filipinos are automatically stigmatized; this is because the military rule that some of us experienced during the time of late President Ferdinand Marcos has been filled with violence and oppression. Some even labeled it as the “darkest era” in the Philippine history as it contains overflowing unlawful capture, alleged torture, and assassination based on their experience.

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But in the eyes of this elderly regular citizen, the almost 10-year military rule is not as dark and violent as how others would describe it, in fact, for her people are very happy during the Martial Law era.

In a video posted by Facebook user Jed Genobili, it features his grandmother who narrates her experience during the time of Martial Law.

As a millennial who was not born yet between 1972 to 1981 when Martial Law was in effect, Jed himself got curious on his grandmother’s point of view and life experience during the said period, although he did not mention his grandmother’s age, by the looks of it, she is probably on her 80’s already which means he is already alive during the controversial era.

According to the old woman, citizens like her who minds their own business actually lived a peaceful life during the martial law period.

“Kaming mga tahinik na mamamayan,masaya kami, wala kaming kinatatakutan. Tuwang tuwa kami dahil tahimik ang bayan nung Martial Law,” she said.

When asked why a lot of people are staging a protest against Martial Law and even voicing out their opinion on national television, Lola explained these people are probably part of militant groups who are against Marcos.

“Ayaw nila kasi galit na galit sila ke Marcos. Ewan ko nga eh, Militante kasi sila. Yang mga Aquino, kalaban ng mga Marcos yan noon pa,” she added.

Lola also explained that the news about assassinations before are also caused and fault by the militant groups who are taking rebellion against the government.

“Natural mapapatay sila kasi mga rebelde sila eh, saka mga kriminal at may rekord ang mga napapatay noon. Hindi naman basta pinapatay ng walang kasalanan,” Lola explained.

She said that regular citizens like her are peacefully doing their daily chores and enjoying the peace and order brought by Martial Law, most of them even adored former First Lady Imelda Marcos.

When asked about her most unforgettable experience during Martial Law, this is what the old woman has to say: “Yung mga hayop na militante na binastos yung Malacañang, yung mga litrato ni Marcos pinagsisira, yung mga gamit sa Malacañang pinagnanakaw nila. Yung ibang namatay nun, lahat isinisisi kay Marcos maski iba naman ang gumawa nun.”





Watch her full statement below:

DISCLAIMER: Her views and opinions expressed by my lola this was just happened on Martial Law. Her side and experience in Martial Law shall be respected!! We just want to share na hindi lahat ng masama nangyari sa Martial Law.

Posted by Jed Genobili on Friday, September 21, 2018


Meanwhile, netizens could not help but to agree with what the old woman has to say. Read some of their comments below:







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