WATCH: Mister na may matinding pagnanasa sa hipag at hinipuan umano ito, sinumbong kay Raffy Tulfo!

Not all of us are blessed to have a “happily ever after” kind of love story, unfortunately, some relationships come to an end for so many reasons; infidelity, unamendable differences, and financial issues are just some of the very common reason why a couple’s once happy relationship will conclude.

Moving on from broken relationships is easier said than done, most especially if there are kids involved in the relationship. Unfortunately, when a married couple decided to go on separate ways, the children are the one mainly affected not just emotionally but also financially.

Just like the ordeal faced by a husband who recently seeks the help of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo in order to talk to his wife and plead her to come back home.

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According to Noel Cruz, his wife Jocelyn suddenly run away from home and went to her province in Cagayan Valley. When he followed her in the said province, he was surprised when Jocelyn said that she no longer loves him and wants to be separated from him and their three children.

Noel suspected that Jocelyn is having an affair with another man since her treatment to him changed when she met a certain Jerry Rama.

When the program contacted Jocelyn, she revealed that everything started when Noel did something to her elder sister.

“Ang kapal ng mukha mo, ikaw pa may ganang pumunta dyan! Ayoko na, yung ginawa mo kay ate masakit sa’kin ‘yon!” Jocelyn said.

She revealed that Noel molested her elder sister by touching her private body part; he even admitted falling in love with Jocelyn’s sister. But Noel denied the accusation and said that Jocelyn’s allegation happened two years ago.

Their eldest daughter who is also in the radio program emotionally pleads her mother to come back home, she also questioned why Jocelyn did not tell them the truth about their father’s moves with their auntie.

Jocelyn said that it will be better for the children to stay with their father since he has a job and could raise them well, she also explained that she decided not to tell kids about their father’s fault because she does not want them to disrespect him.

Despite the eldest daughter’s plead to Jocelyn to come back home since their father is working even after under medication due to diabetes, Jocelyn still stood firm to her decision to go on separate ways with them.





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