Siga na nag-aamok, kumaripas ng takbo ng makahanap ng katapat!

Have you come across a person who is a trouble-maker in nature? This kind of person is a magnet of riot and chaos regardless if he/she is under the influence of alcohol, but we could all agree to the fact that these kind of natural trouble-makers are also brave and willing to fight anytime, they are ready to defend themselves in case they really got what they attract.

But in the case of a man in this viral video, it seems that he could not face the kind of trouble he actually attracted ton just like what one all-girl group once said in their song “be careful what you wish for ‘coz you just might get it!”

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In the 1-minute video clip going rounds on social media right now, a man running amok could be seen making a scene in the middle of the street and as if looking for trouble. The man who appears to be intoxicated was carrying a huge pipe and trying to disturb a busy highway and provoke the drivers passing through.

His scandalous scene has caused to build up traffic congestion in the area and also elicited fear among several drivers and passenger, some even turn their vehicles back in fear that the man would hit them and their cars.

But lucky for him, after a few seconds, two military trucks loaded with dozens of soldiers passed through the area that he is trying to block and make a scene.

At first, the soldiers aboard the truck only called his attention, upon realizing that he is actually surrounded by authorities the man who was very brave and scandalous earlier run quickly on the other side of the road and hide from the soldiers.

That’s when tons of soldiers hopped off the truck and searched for the troubled guy while carrying their firearms.

Although it was not clear if the soldiers successfully captured the man, it is clear that he was able to get what he is looking for in an instant.

In case the man was caught, he could face public alarm and scandal charges that may send him behind bars or require him to pay necessary fines.




Watch the hilarious video below:

Nasobrahan sa Tapang haha

Yung naghahanap ka ng gulo, tapos binigay agad sayo hahaha =) ctto

Posted by Streetlife MNL on Tuesday, September 25, 2018




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