Dinala siya ng kaniyang dating biyenan sa mental hospital pero wala naman raw siyang sakit! Bakit kaya?

Queenie Rose Detic just wants to have financial support from her former husband Michael Detic for their child but battle with him sounds like a telenovela as her story involves her parents-in-law, alleged manipulation, and a mental institution.

She went to broadcaster Raffy Tulfo in his public service show not just to seek help in getting financial support but also to expose what her estranged husband’s family did to her.

According to her, she severed ties with Michael back in 2013 and took their baby with her. Michael’s family then insisted Queenie to accompany her on the way to the airport.

Instead of waking up because her plane already arrived at the destination, Queenie woke up in a mental institution. She found out that someone injected her medicine as she realizes that she was with mentally challenged patients at that time.

Michael’s mother Jesusa Detic and her niece Paz Villanueva then went to Raffy’s program to tell her side of the story.

The two admitted that they brought Queenie to a mental institution but justified that she was having panic attacks when they were at the airport. They said Queenie was acting hysterical and threatened to run in the middle of the street so that she can get hit by a car. They said that they are more worried at that time because she wants to get hurt with her baby.

The two also claimed that Queenie was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. They said that she has been going back and forth at the National Center for Mental Health in Mandaluyong to receive treatment and check-up.

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They showed records from the said hospital to prove their claims of Queenie suffering from such mental illness.

However, Queenie denied she was visiting any mental institution at all. After she was released from the mental hospital she was admitted by Jesusa and Paz, she went to Philippine General Hospital and University of Santo Tomas Hospital to get a second opinion about her mental health.

The two premier hospitals cleared her from any mental health diagnose and gave her a certification that she is mentally fit to take care of her chid.

Queenie also told Raffy that a social worker in GMA Cavite told her that the social worker who accompanied her in the mental institution was not a licensed one. When the show called Apara Caballero, officer in charge of GMA Cavite’s municipal social welfare and development, they got a confirmation of Queenie’s claim.

For Queenie, she believes that it was after all a sabotage just to keep her away from her child.

This teleserye-like drama of hers may have been stressful but so far, the custody of the child belongs to her and her estranged husband and his family could try again next time.


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