Amang nagmamatigas at ayaw isuko ang anak sa ina, nasampolan ni Idol Raffy!

Legally speaking, when a couple with child decided to go on separate lives, the child should be under the mother’s custody regardless of the couple’s status provided that the child is under 7 years of age.

That is why mother Mary Jane Pendringues recently seeks the help of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo in order to retrieve her 3-year-old child who is currently at the custody of her former live-in partner.


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According to Mary Jane, her ex-partner Dennis Antinero who is currently residing in Butuan City does not want to give back her child since he is insisting that Mary Jane does not have the means to support and raise the child financially.

Mary Jane said that they are not married and Dennis did not even acknowledge the child on his birth certificate.

When the program contacted Dennis, he insisted that he will not give the child back to Mary Jane and he also argues that he acknowledges the child whose surname is already registered.

Tulfo tried to explain the law to Dennis that children below 7 years of age should be under the custody of mother regardless if the couple is married or not or if the father acknowledges the child or not.

But Dennis argues that he will not let it happen since he is the one who sacrificed and looks after the child for the past 3 years without even receiving any support from Mary Jane. He said that since they got separated in 2017, Mary Jane never gives them any cent since she is prioritizing her eldest child from another man.

Mary Jane explained that she is the one working for the family before when they are still staying in Pangasinan but they would often argue since Dennis thinks that her job as a therapist is not a decent job. He always accuses her of having a dirty work while providing therapy to her customers.

Because of this, Tulfo contacted Butuan City police and Social Welfare Development to seek assistance for the immediate rescue of the child from Dennis. Both agreed and reiterated that children ages 7-years-old and below should be under the mother’s custody.

But Dennis still stood firm to his decision that he will never surrender their child to Mary Jane.

“Hindi pwede po ‘yun! Kahit anong gawin niyo hindi ko ipapadala ang bata! Tatlong taon kong tiniis tapos ngayon kukunin niyo agad, ano bang batas yung ginawa niyo dyan!” Dennis said.

He added that if the police visited his home, he will run away together with the child even if it takes going to hell.




Watch the full story below:


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