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It is really sad that some couples are far from the ideal version of their relationship as they fight on various issues.

Some are more unfortunate because the fight turns physical and one of them gets hurt. As some people would say that some couple fights are “worse than cats and dogs”.

But what if a fight of a couple is literally like cats and dogs? This is the case for Jocelyn Peligrino.
Jocelyn went to broadcaster Raffy Tulfo in his public service radio show to complain about her live-in partner Jaylord Ong.

According to her, they always fight but it is not the healthy fight most couples should have.
Jocelyn complained that Jaylord has been hurting him physically and worse, he was even biting like a dog.

In a phone interview, Jaylord told Raffy that Jocelyn should not come clean because she was also biting and hurting him whenever they fight. He admitted that he was hurting her but it was only as a self-defense and response to what Jocelyn is doing to her.

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Raffy insisted the two to talk to each other and solve their problems as a couple. However, Jocelyn said she wants to sever ties with Jaylord and all she wants is him to provide financial support for her children.

Upon hearing both sides, Raffy said that there is no justification for physical abuse as the two are literally like cats and dogs.

He also advised Jocelyn to file a case against Jaylord for the alleged physical abuse she got from Jaylord.

What do you think of this new case presented to Raffy Tulfo? Do you think it was sad or funny that the two were biting each other? Do you think Jaylord should also file a case against his partner for the alleged physical abuse he got from Jocelyn? Tell us in the comments section below!

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