Matinding tensyon ang nangyari sa isang babae at ang kanyang biyenan pagkatapos magkaabot sa mental hospital ang awayan nila!

The woman who tricked by her mother-in-law and ended up in a mental hospital faced the latter in Raffy Tulfo’s public service program to confront her and expose the alleged lies that she has been telling everybody.

According to Queenie Detic, her mother-in-law Jesusa Detic insisted that she will come with her to the airport back in 2013. Queenie was then surprised to find herself in a mental hospital, surrounded by people with mental problems.

To respond to her claims, Jesusa came to the show together with her niece Paz Villanueva, to justify her actions of putting Queenie in a mental hospital.

Paz said that her family was shocked to witness Queenie being not herself and cursing everybody in their house. She also said that Queenie carried her baby and tried to get hit by a car in the middle of the road.

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At that time, Queenie severed ties from her husband Michael Detic.

To prove their point, Jesusa brought documents that will show that Queenie is suffering from bipolar disorder and she already went back and forth in a mental hospital in Cavite.

However, Queenie refuted the documents and said the social worker who examined her is not a licensed one. Moreover, she said she already went to Philippine General Hospital and UST Hospital to get second opinions about her mental health and both hospitals certified that she is normal.

To end all the accusations and speculations, Raffy recommended that Queenie should get another opinion from the resident medical staff of the show. The said medical staff would also check if the documents brought by Jesusa are authentic.

Queenie did not back out and said she is confident that it will be proven that she is not suffering from any mental illness. She also said that it will prove their her mother-in-law and her former husband’s family are just lying.



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