Nakakakilabot ang isiniwalat ng espiritong sumapi sa isang babae sa kanyang dating ginawa!

Superstitions indicated that there are still some spirits roaming around the planet because their conscience cannot make them at peace. It is also said they are targeting anyone who is having deep problems or those who have weak faith to the Lord.

In a video posted by netizen Maestro Infinito Lamuroc Milam, a woman was allegedly possessed by a troubled spirit who was crying as she tells the evil act that she did when she was still alive.

According to the possessed woman, she was jealous of a woman because she has everything that she ever wanted. This includes beauty, brains, wealth, and a healthy relationship.

Out of jealousy, she hired a hitman to end the life of that woman in exchange of P10, 000. It is assumed that the hitman was successful as the possessed woman kept on saying that they cannot look for him because he is not alive anymore.

The local exorcist then threatened the spirit that she will be brought to hell if she doesn’t leave the poor woman’s body. To their surprise, the spirit said she was already in hell. However, she said she is currently experiencing deep pain because of what the local exorcist murmured.

The woman then said that they just have to put oil on the wood of a jackfruit to force her to leave the woman’s body.

“Ang patunay na mayroong impyerno . Tunghayan niyo po ang video na ito na kung saan ay aking tinawag ang mangkukulam na sumakabilang buhay na tila ang boses ay nanggagaling sa impyerno,” Maestro Infinito said.

Some netizens felt eerie after watching the video while some thought the video needs to be authenticated first.

According to the Catholic Church, exorcism is possible but it is rare for them to confirm such cases since it needs an extensive investigation before declaring it as an exorcism incident.


Source: ManilaFlash


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