Ninakaw ng babaeng itonang isang mamahaling aso mula sa amo niya para iregalo sa boyfriend niya!

Julian Adela thought that her girlfriend Jessie Montiel is the victim in this story. It turns out that she was actually the villain.

He went to Raffy Tulfo’s public service program to seek help in getting Jessie, a house maid, back to him as her boss, a dentist identified as Dr. Raquel Yangco, was keeping her in their house.

Before calling Dr.Raquel, Raffy first asked questions about Julian’s dog, which is a mixed breed of Siberian Husky and Golden Retriever. He said that Jessie gave the puppy to him as a gift, knowing that he is a dog lover.

Initially, Julian said he has no idea where Jessie got the dog but later on, he admitted that he knows the dog was owned by Dr. Raquel.

In a phone interview, Dr. Raquel said one day, she discovered that her puppy was missing. She was devastated because she thought her puppy was eaten by a snake or was crushed by other furniture.

So how did Dr. Raquel find out the truth? One day, Jessie notified her that she plans to resign as a house maid. She then told her to find a replacement as a proper turnover of tasks.

She then remembered that Jessie was telling stories about her boyfriend. Her curiosity about her house maid’s boyfriend led her to his Facebook account. She was shocked to see that the guy has a picture with her lost puppy, which is now a dog.


Moreover, Dr. Raquel found out that Jessie actually lied on her documents, finding out that she is 17 years old and not 22 years old. Since this makes her a minor, Dr. Raquel said she wants to give Jessie to DSWD or to the nearby barangay instead of just letting her free.

Raffy now sided with Dr. Raquel. He then told Julian that Jessie should be transferred to DSWD. He also ordered him to return the dog at the same day.



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