Pagkatapos na hindi makuha ang kapatawaran, isiniwalat ng lalaking ito ang malupit na sikreto ng babaeng ito!

Rolly John Ponce and Jerry Borongan were aware that filming live-in partners Rowena Solivar and Freddie Duhaylungsod arguing inside their room is wrong so they went to Raffy Tulfo to publicly apologize to them for what they did.

According to the two, they just heard the two fight inside their room in the boarding house that they were all saying. They thought it would be fun to film them using their smartphones and leak it on social media.

The two later realized that what they did was wrong so they apologized to the couple.

In a phone interview, Rowena Solivar refused to accept the two’s apologies. She said she had enough when the two acted tough in their barangay hall hours before they appeared on Raffy’s show.

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Capt. Artemio Cinco of the Philippine National Police Anti-Cybercrime Group said the two might face unjust vexation case against them. This means that they could be apprehended by policemen in one month.

Since they did not get what they want and they were possibly facing charges against them, Jerry then dropped the huge bomb on the discussion.

Jerry exposed that Rowena was just Freddie’s mistress and the man has already a family in the province. This revelation made Raffy surprised as the guy has something on sleeves.

In response, Rowena told them to bring the case to the court and prove that she was indeed sleeping with other people. She also said that is brave enough to face such criticisms.

If we’re gonna ask Raffy’s perspective, the two committed violations on one another, although the girl might have a harder time at the court. She urged the two sides on betting who’s going to win.

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