Meron nga bang nagtatago ng halos P300 million na bigas sa isang warehouse? Ito ang inalam ni Greco Belgica!

The Duterte administration has been receiving endless criticisms for the current rice crisis. His critics are tagging him for causing the price of rice to hike, making it less accessible to the middle to lower class of the Filipino society.

For them, it is not acceptable anymore that the basic needs of Filipinos like rice and vegetables are now pricier than ever. It was previously announced that the goods and services in the country saw a 6.4-percent inflation rate in August this year. It is the highest inflation rate in the recent years.

People are blaming the Train Law as the main reason for the rice crisis. However, there are who are questioning if the rice crisis is really caused by the polarizing law or if there are some corrupt people who are not distributing rice to the public.

Politician and Duterte supporter Greco Belgica posted a video on Facebook showing a rice warehouse in Binondo, Manila filled with numerous rick sacks. He estimated that all of the rice found in that rice mill could cost up to P300 million.

Greco even joked that the Liberal Party or the “Yellows” are the reason why Filipinos are not gaving more access to rice. He joked this because the sacks are colored yellow.

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Greco did not reveal the name of the warehouse and its owner but he vowed that they will investigate about this certain rice warehouse. He also said that he will continue to fight against corruption in the agriculture sector.

Netizens lauded Greco for his initiative on uncovering the possible reasons behind the rice crisis. Some even said that this gave them a reason to vote for him in the upcoming midterm elections, if ever Greco finally decided if he will run.

They are hoping that the corrupt officials behind this crisis should receive harsh punishment for what they did to the public.


Rice Shortage/Rice Hoarding – Corruption Investigation bakit mataas ang presyo ng bigas?Basta Corrupt…SIBAK SIBAK SIBAK

Posted by Greco Belgica on Thursday, September 27, 2018


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