Sinasabing ‘Rugby Boys’, nakitang nanggugulo sa isang convenience store!

A viral video caused debates about juvenile delinquencies as the video shows a group of young men causing threats to everyone in a certain convenience store.

The video, which was posted by netizen Grace Ybanez, features a group of men dubbed as “Rugby Boys” who are causing inconvenience and trouble among customers in a convenience store.

It can be seen that the “Rugby Boys” are causing trouble to the security guard of the establishment.
One of them spitted on the security guard’s face while the other one even intimidated him by telling that he can puncture the security guard with a knife.

They were referred by the locals there as “Rugby Boys” because they are aware that they are sniffing the adhesive as an alternative to other illegal substance.

Grace also said that they tried to contact the police for help but none of them came on time. They arrived when the “Rugby Boys” have already fled the incident.

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Upon watching the CCTV footages in the convenience store, police officers confirmed that the “Rugby Boys” have already a history of juvenile delinquency. They were previously apprehended for causing troubles in public.

Policemen also said that they are not accepted by their parents anymore as they see them as liabilities to their family.

Netizens were arguing if the age for putting children behind bars should be lowered down or not. Some netizens said these kids should be taught with a harsher lesson from justice while some said they should be given another chance to change since they are young.

Grace, however, said in her post that the age qualified to be put behind bars should be lower than 18 years old so that it can serve as a reminder to the youth to refrain from doing illegal activities despite being young.

Some netizens were asking what happened to the youth, the sector that Dr. Jose Rizal said was the future of our society. What do you think? Tell us in the comments section below!

Update on what I've read in the article earlier about implementing the law of criminal cases from 13yrs.old pataas! Grabe panoorin nyo po kung gaano katatapang itong mga kabataan na ito. Nahuli sila ng guard namin na nangungupit dito sa convenience store, pinag tulungan yung guard namin gusto pa saksakin nung isa. Dinuraan pa sa mukha! Wala kami magawa kasi na trapped kmi sa loob at tatlong bata ang kasama ko. Nung nakalabas ako nagpatawag ako kaagad ng KAAC pero walang dumating police pero late narin dumating and according to the police officer when we showed the video clip to them maraming beses na pala nila nahuli tong mga kabataan na ito "rugby boys" nga daw yan at sanay na they even tried to turn over them to their parents pero hindi nrin tinanggap ng mga magulang dahil talagang perwisyo daw.. sana maisakatuparan ang batas na pagkulong sa mga kabataan na ganito, malalakas ang loob kasi alam nila hindi sila ikukulong. Nagbanta pa yan na babalik at pinag babato mga sasakyan na naka park sa labas.

Posted by Grace Ybanez on Saturday, September 29, 2018

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