WATCH: Live-in partner nanlamig sa kanyang kinakasama dahil raw mas gusto pa raw maglaro ni mister ng Clash of Clans!

Romnick Tarraya thought everything was going good with her partner Gina Torino and their children until one day, he found that she cheated on him with his co-worker in a construction firm.

He told Raffy Tulfo in his public service program that at one day, he was shocked to learn that Gina left him for a certain Ronald. Gina first met Ronald when Romnick once introduced her to him.

Based on his experience of listening to different infidelity cases, Raffy questioned Romnick if he had any vice or any history of physical altercation against Gina. Romnick denied that he hurt Gina or he has any vice.

In a phone interview, Gina revealed the truth why she left Romnick – the relationship for her went cold and it was Ronald who made her warm again.

She said that unlike Romnick, Ronald actually shows love and affection for her. In one of her stories, Gina said Ronald went to her house and even took care of her kids. He even proposed to marry her as a proof that he is serious with him. Currently, Ronald is working as a corn farmer.

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So how did Gina felt cold with Romnick? She said that her partner lacked in making her feel loved. Moreover, she also blamed Romnick’s focus on playing online mobile game Clash of Clans as the reason why she felt alone in their relationship.

Romnick felt disappointed that it was all rooted to his love in playing a simple online game. Raffy then noted that there are a lot of relationships broken because of mobile games.

He said that what he wants right now is the custody of their four-year-old child. However, Raffy said he cannot help him on that since the law stated that any children six years and below will go under the custody of their mothers.

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