Aroganteng sekyu, huli sa aktong panghaharas sa isang envelope vendor!

During our younger years, we were thought that law enforcement officers including police, soldiers, traffic enforcers, and even security guards should be highly respected and trusted since they are the ones expected to look after our safety and welfare.

That is why it is saddening to see officers who instead of protecting the public from harm are the ones taking advantage of the people’s weakness.

Just like this incident witnessed by Facebook user Paul Vincent Labe Cortez wherein a security officer could be seen inflicting excessive force to a vendor who is just doing some decent business.

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According to the witness, the incident happened in front of the office of Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) in Pasay at around 8:58 in the morning while he is lining up to for his passport appointment in the said office.

In the 58-seconds video, a group of security officers and a vendor who sells brown envelope in the middle of a heated argument.

The netizen witness said that the security officers inflicted too much force to the envelope vendor who is just doing his job selling envelopes that could be used by passport applicants in the said office.

In the video, it could be seen how one officer grabbed the vendor by the arm and trying to confiscate the envelopes, the vendor could be heard arguing that he is willing to surrender the items as long as they will get their hands off him.

But the officer did not let go of the vendor’s bag and even after surrendering the brown envelops, one of the officers continued with his physical pestering until all the envelopes were scattered on the floor.

When the vendor is finally free from the security officers, he could be heard giving threats to complain about the officer to the police.

“Hintayin mo ko sir, magsusumbong ako sa pulis. Mache-tyempuhan din kita!” the vendor said.

This statement irked the officer who runs after him and once again grabbed the hood of the vendor’s jacket without saying any word.


Watch the video below and be the judge:

(08:58am) While nag pila ko sa appointment sa ako PASSPORT dri sa DFA pasay (ASEANA) grabe pud kaayo mga security ui qng mka asta abig naay pusil. Gi kasakit nila si kuya nga namaligya og envelope sa mga costumers dri sa DFA. Gamay nga kantidad lang paita mga tawhana kamo nlang pasikat ani nila.😡

Posted by Paul Vincent Labe Cortez on Sunday, September 30, 2018


Meanwhile, netizens could not help but express their disgust over the rude and violent security officer. Read some of their comments below:




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