WATCH: Hipag na nagmamatigas at ayaw ibigay sa tunay na ama ang anak ng namayapang kapatid, nakatikim ng sermon kay Tulfo!

Child custody or the legal guardianship of a child depends on a case-to-case basis, in the Philippines, children ages 7 years and below should automatically be under the mother’s custody in case parents decided to have separate lives. But the situation will be different if one of the parents already passed away.

Recently, a father seeks the help of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo in order to get the custody of his child who is currently with his wife’s family.

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Apparently, Gino’s wife recently passed away and the wife’s family does not want to give her the child if he will not adhere to their conditions.

When the program contacted Gino’s sister-in-law, Shela Pamintuan, she said that they are very much willing to surrender the child to Gino since they are already scheduled to meet at the municipal office. She said that they are willing to give the child to his biological father as long as Gino will promise to take him straight to Canada.

Gino said that he is really planning to bring the child with him to Canada, but his late wife’s family is demanding unrealistic conditions like securing a plane ticket before having the child back.

Shela argued that this is only for their assurance that the child will be in good welfare.

But Tulfo slammed the sister-in-law that they do not have the right to give any conditions and set rules before surrendering the child to his biological father, he insisted that Gino is the only one who has the right to decide what to do with his own child.

Shela argued that Tulfo did not even listen to their side of the story, but Tulfo lambasted her and said that their side of the story does not matter since Gino is the next of kin rightful for the child’s custody.

“Ma’am kahit ano pang side meron ka, the fact na yung inyo pong kapatid ay wala na then ang next of kin na may karapatan sa bata sa kustodiya is yung biological father, si Gino,” Tulfo said.

The program the contacted Mabalacat Pampanga’s Municipal Social Welfare Development officer Josephine Panglaw who confirmed that Gino is the one who has the right for the child’s custody.

She also revealed that Gino already seeks their help and advised to take things slow in respect of the grieving family of his late wife.




Watch the full story below:


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