Mga paratang ni Goma na pangit raw ang mga bahay para sa mga earthquake victims,hindi raw tama!

The National Housing Authority slammed Ormoc City mayor Richard Gomez and his claims in his Facebook posts that their employees are receiving bribes from contractors and their housing projects are far from quality for the earthquake victims in the city.

NHA general manager Marcelino Escalada said Gomez’ claims on the subpar quality of housing projects have no basis as they boast their “high quality” units in the said housing project.

NHA chief of staff Christopher Mahamud said in a separate press conference that Richard’s statements could be considered as something slanderous.

“When you’re trying to imply that the person is receiving bribe that is slanderous. When you’re trying to imply that the person is guilty of criminal action, that is slanderous,” he said.

“We have to protect the reputation of the Authority. You cannot just say that people in NHA are bobo, but when you needed the housing unit, you went to us,” he added,

In the Facebook post of Richard, it shows pictures and videos of him inspecting the housing project for the survivors of the magnitude 6.5 tremor earthquake last year. One of the video showed Richard telling people there that the building materials used in the housing project were subpar.

He complained that the soil should not be mixed with sand and cement.
“Maglagay ka ng buto d’yan, tutubo iyung buto d’yan e,” he said.

“Tingnan mo o. Putik na kaagad. Hindi siya purong buhangin…Kahit kaninong bobo mo ipakita ‘to, maiintindihan,” Richard added.

Moreover, he told a group of contractors that maybe some of them are receiving payola from construction companies with subpar materials.

“Kung tama, bakit ganito? Unless kayo, kung sinong binibigyan n’yo at kailangan ganito ka-mura [ang materyales. Alam naman namin mga paraan n’yo d’yan. Imposible namang hindi kayo nagbibigay rito. Imposible namang hindi tumatanggap itong mga ‘to,” he said.

Escalada challenged Richard of canceling the project’s permit if he thinks the materials used in the housing project were proven to be substandards.
He also told Richard to focus on solving problems in his municipality than “parading the issue on social media.”

Escalada and Mahamud demanded a public apology from Goma and and retract his statements against the construction site.

Last year’s earthquake in Ormoc resulted in the destruction of 3,600 houses, injuring hundreds of residents, and taking the lives of two people.

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Source: ABS-CBN

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