Nakakaproud! Sinauli ng motor cab driver na ito ng bag na naglalaman ng P2 million sa may-ari na foreigner!

Filipinos may have flaws but there is no denial that majority of us were still driven by good moral and conscience. Whenever were faced with problems and dilemmas, we always think what is the right thing to do that will not bother our minds in a long time.

This is what a motor cab driver named Dennis Geverola in the town of Sogod, Southern Leyte has proved after he did a good deed by returning a huge amount of cash left by a foreigner in his vehicle.

The foreigner left P2 million worth of cash in Dennis’ vehicle.
It is no other than the mayor Imelda Tan of Sogod, Southern Leyte who shared this good news about a good Filipino. In her Facebook post, she uploaded photos of Dennis as he returned the bag filled with cash to a foreigner.

Mayor Imelda commended Dennis for his thoughtful act and said that she was happy to know that Filipinos like him still exists.

“On behalf of the Municipality of Sogod, I would like to commend the motorcab driver, Mr. Dennis Geverola for returning the bag that was left in his vehicle. The bag contained 2 million pesos in cash and other important documents. May god bless you!” she said in her Facebook caption.

Just like Mayor Imelda, netizens also praised Dennis for his honesty despite the fact that he is struggling to earn money for his family.

Some netizens also said that people like Dennis is making the image of the country good in the eyes of other countries.

“Binigyan mo ng karangalan ang buong Pilipinas.. mabuhay ka at sana ay dumami ang katulad mo,” Cesar Lara said.

“Salute to you… makes us proud to know there are honest and kindhearted people like you… carry on the good works,” Louella Macanip said.

“nakakataba ng puso pag may mga kapwa na ganito hindi sya nag interest sa nakita nyo itoy knyang sinasauli good job po kuya,” Jer Naw said.

“Not too many people who are honest to goodness nowadays but God is watching us and YOU will be rewarded somehow !!!!” Cindi Cabasag said.

Some netizens, however, are questioning why the foreigner has P2 million cash with him.
“How is that possible the foreigner had a 2M cash in his bag.Are you asking why ,what his doing here in our country ???” Ruth Arguedo said.

“Bakit kaya may nakakaiwan ng ganung kalaking halaga ng pera,” Paolo Gabriel Lorenzo said.

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Source: Tnpmedia

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