Netizens umalma sa panukala ng isang high-end condominium sa Taguig na pagmultahin ng P10-libo ang mga mahuhuling magpapakain sa mga pusang-gala!

Filipinos are known to be pet lovers to the point that we treat our pets like one of our family members that is why when they got hurt, we immediately take action as they are very dear to us.

Filipinos love for pets knows no boundaries, from pure breed down to stray animals, we all have that soft spot for pets and even treat them like our own child, and because these creatures often ease our stress and give us joy at home, we tend to be attached to them emotionally.

That is why netizens hit back after learning about the news that a high-end condominium located in Taguig City imposed a P10,000 penalty for residents who will be caught feeding stray cats in the area.

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In a GMA News report, Serendra Condominium in Bonifacio Global City confirmed this new rule and said that was implemented for the resident’s own safety.

“We’ve had several incidents of children being bitten and scratched by stray cats and because of that they had to inoculate them against rabies,” said Serendra Condominium’s legal counsel Ronald Ledesma.

He added that this measure is also meant to control the number of stray cats roaming around their community.

However, pet lover residents were not so happy about this decision and also oppose the condominium management’s policy that stray cats will be brought to animal pound once caught in the condominium vicinity.

“Tamang pagpapakain sa tamang lugar at oras at ‘yung mga mahilig sa pets. The council may send the cats to the pound or to the barangay. We all know what happens kapag nagpapadala tayo ng pusa sa pound,” a Serendra resident named Jem Lim said.

Meanwhile, animal rights welfare group Compassion and Responsibility for Animals (CARA) said that the Serendra Condominium’s measure to catch and remove cats is not effective, instead, they suggested implementing a trap, neuter, vaccinating, and returning kind of police for stray cats.

“May mandate na ang Bureau of Animal Industry na kapag kinapon, kailangan ding bakunahan laban sa rabies,” CARA volunteer Gem Faisan said.

Netizens also expressed their disgust and disappointment on Serendra’s unfair treatment for stray cats, read some of their comments below:



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