PANOORIN: Agawan sa kustodiya ng anak sa pagitan ng mangingisdang ama at OFW na ina, inaksyunan ni Idol Raffy!

Child custody or the legal guardianship of a child depends on a case-to-case basis, in the Philippines, children ages 7 years and below should automatically be under the mother’s custody and she has all the right to decide if she will give the father of her child a shared-custody or even visitation rights.

Recently, a fisherman father seeks the help of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo in order to speak to his former live-in partner who is allegedly hiding their children to him.

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According to Raymond Moncillo, all he wants is to see and also have the chance to visit his daughters’ ages 6 and 2, but his former partner Mae Fong Li is refusing to have an open communication with him as if stripping away his right as a father.

Raymond claims that Mae is already in a relationship with another man who connived with her in kidnapping their two daughters who are formerly living with him.

When the program contacted Mae, she said that she has no intentions to hide the girls and even offered to meet Raymond so he could see the children.

But Raymond revealed that Mae took away their daughters even if the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) is not yet done assessing both of them for the final custody decision.

In defense, Mae said that she only did that to be able to fully take care of her daughters as she is also receiving reports that Raymond is bringing his friends at home to have a drinking session while their two daughters are around.

On top of that, Mae also discovered that other people are living in the same roof as her daughter so it raised alarm for the security of her children who are both still young and girls.

Tulfo frankly told Raymond that legally speaking, it is right for Mae to have the children’s custody, but he can request for a shared-custody or visitation rights to be able to see his daughter.

Mae said she is very much willing to give visitation rights to Raymond as long as the full custody will be under her.





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