PANOORIN: Babae huli sa aktong paghampas at sapak sa isang traffic enforcer!

During our younger years, we were thought that law enforcement officers including police, soldiers, traffic enforcers, and even security guards should be highly respected and trusted since they are the ones expected to look after our safety and welfare.

But in the Philippines, we could not deny the fact that there are lots of corrupt and arrogant officers who somehow ruins the reputation of the country’s law enforcement unit. Because of this, many citizens already lost respect to these authorities who should be treated with utmost reverence.

Just recently, another citizen was caught on camera disrespecting and even inflicting physical violence against several traffic enforcers.

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In the video shared by Facebook user Mara G. Duay, a lady could be seen in the middle of a heated confrontation with at least six law enforcement officers who appear to be traffic enforcers and policeman. Basing on the uniform print of the personnel, the incident took place in Davao City.

In the very short video clip, it seems that the lady got involved in a road mishap which leads the officers to surround her vehicle. But the furious woman aggressively stormed the officers shouting at them and even punched one of the officers in the arms and chest.

The other officers present were not able to respond in defense of their colleague and just let the lady disrespect their fellow-officer in front of them.

“Highblood jud si maam. Kalooy ni bossing cttmo….nasumbagan jud tawun. Respeto din pag may time maam/sir naka uniform po sila,” Mara wrote in the video caption.



Watch the full video below:


Posted by Mara G. Duay on Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Although the real reason behind their argument and sudden violence is not clear, netizens are quick to express their opinion about the said incident. Read some of their comments below:




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